• Radeon Pro V4 1S  200A

Radeon Pro V4 1S  200A

BRCA Approved 01/03/2020

Compared to the previous version the speedo features more powerful FETs for a lower internal resistance and thus higher power and lower operation temperatures. The all-aluminium case received a new low-profile design that scrubs 2mm of height for easier placement in the car while the V4 controller is also about ten percent lighter. Other features include a CH3/CH4 auxiliary function to adjust features such as throttle rate, RPM lock, turbo functions and more using a 3/4-channel transmitter. Last but not least does an optimised brake software offer a more linear feeling, ensuring better car control.


– Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse

– Input voltage: 1S LiPo

– BEC: 6V/7.4V, max 3A

– Motor Limit: 3.5T

– Max current: 200A per phase

– Size: 38x30x17mm

– Weight: 37g (w/o wiring and fan)


– Ultra-smooth, precise throttle and braking control

– Compatible with sensored/sensorless brushless motors

– Data analysis capability (RPM, Low voltage and ESC temperature)

– PC Interface for advanced programming and updating

– Easy programming through optional program card

– Built-in one touch on/off switch with LED

– Built-in Low voltage cut-off, overheat protection and signal loss protection

Radeon Pro V4 1S 200A

  • Brand: Team Powers
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