Improved features based on SRS V2 servo:
- Allow to program the below items through the optional servo program card to maximize the overall servo performance. 
(Items: Max Power band, Turn Boost, Dead Band, Response Level, Max Torque, Turn Brake and Center Adjustment)
-Hybrid Steel/Titanium internal gear set to enhance the maximum durability.
- Through different servo item setup can vary the steering feeling and chassis grip on the track to improve the lap time.


- With aluminium Casing for better reliability
- Direct drive gear system with better efficiency
- Operating Voltage Range: 4.8V~8.4V
- Gear Material: Titanium metal gear
- Weight: ~58g
- Dimension: 41mm (L) x 26.5mm(W) x 20mm(H)
- Stall Torque: 11kg-cm @6V, 14kg-cm@7.4V, 15kg-cm@8.4V
- Operating Speed(with no load): 0.060 sec/60°@6V, 0.055 sec/60°@7.4V, 0.05 sec/60°@8.4V

TPR-DS1550SR-V3PG Digital Brushless Servo V3 (Super Response, Programmable) - Low Profile (Alu. Casing)

  • Brand: Team Powers
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